Saturday, April 13, 2013

Emerging greenery, Endless sunsets

by Alise

(Thrifted button up & skirt, Forever 21 blazer, H&m booties, hat & necklace, homemade socks)

Out with the old and in with the..."What could I possibly wear during this transitioning of seasons?". Spring's arrival is nearly here: I notice the blossoming around me, the everlasting sunshine, and the potent blue sky. Unfortunately, there are still those occasional dreary days that that visit us, but it's time to whip out the bright colors (which also make for a much brighter mood). Find a happy-medium with layering, colors, patterns, and textures to suffice the odd weather.

Lately, my most treasured time of day has been dusk. It's a kiss of sunlight. Rays are just lapping at your neck and burning the shiny whites of your eyes. The colored portion suddenly becomes a more brilliant and dynamic version of your eye color. The pupil condenses, retreating back to the safety of its smallness. It's blinding. Dusk is calming, healing, but has a glaring contrast as well. It's the winding down of something stressful, establishes the upcoming period of rest, or symbolizes the start of a new day. Relinquishing the negative and bringing hope to the dawn of positive. It's the "try again" button. Dusk is golden, maybe caramel and pink. To me it is soothing; a soar throat consoled by peppermint tea. It's those brief moments between yellow, red, and a slow purple. Then, time to conquer the night.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


by Alise

(Vintage button up & dress, Charming Charlies Chain, Doc Martens, Target Socks)

I am not always a believer in strength in numbers, but it shall not be forgotten. The more people in your life, the more people you’ve learned to love; the more miles you’ve walked as the eyes of someone else: more understanding. The higher the number on the scale, the more you’ve learned to enjoy the little things, you let your confidence flourish; just eat the cupcake: more fulfillment. The consistently high use of the “redial” button to one specific person, the more you’ve learned the value of expression and appreciation, rejection doesn’t phase you: more fearlessness. The more stars you can count, the more open minded you are; the more you’re willing to raise a finger in the midst of your busy life to count a twinkle: more purity. The more mistakes you make, the tougher your skin becomes, the less likely you are to give up, and the more knowledge you’ll have for the next round; your tenacity is contagious: more resiliency.

“Many” is an expression that comes with an implied execution of experience. It can’t be taken away. Sometimes, the more, the merrier. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

O'dark o'clock

by Alise

(H&M pants, vintage velvet top, Doc Martens, vintage belt, vintage pearls)

I think there is something to be said about “lost souls”. It takes courage to lose yourself somewhere. That unknown place is endearing. Wandering is a stimulus for adventure, which is the encouragement some need to eventually find themselves anyway. There’s freedom in being aimless, that sense of irresponsibility. Just evolving emotions and a head full of ambitions. Imagine losing yourself in your favorite song, soaring through a galaxy. It could be hypnotizing. You can derive the same sensations by wearing something that gives you that giddy feeling in your head. I chose these pants because every time I look at them, I want to meander off into an unknown world. Three statements that could be potentially overwhelming together: red lips, velvet and pearls. I took them with me down the casual route to simply enhance the ensemble as a whole. It's all about the effortlessness. For footwear, pink Docs put the cherry on top (plus, I have a fatal attraction to the color pink). 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta write it out 

by Alise

If you've ever sat down in silence, your emotions are stationary, but your senses are at their maximum retention. It's almost like a twinkling twilight zone. Have you ever noticed how placid your body is when you blankly stare into a dark corner aligned with a dusty part of your soul? Your pull back to reality at the speed your fingertips fade from a frosty window pane. Do you ever have days when you are feeling so dull and emotionless you cannot even determine, yourself, what is going through your own mind? There's an uncontrollable numbness that has been haunting me lately. Sometimes, you need to shut down, and think of things that are worth thinking about, if you can drive yourself out of that frozen state. Let that vacant window of lethargy be the time you:  

-Mentally check off your "to-do" list
-Allow yourself to see glimpses of nostalgia
-Pretend you're in a movie 
-Hear what your intuition has to say about something you've been pondering
-Put yourself in someone else's shoes
-Cry yourself a river
-Think of "him" 
-Wish goodness upon someone in need
-Find motivation
-Look on the bright-side 

Then, power off for a bit. Carry on. *Easier said than done, right?*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The blindness of fashion

by Alise

(Vintage dress, vintage vest, H&M tunic, Forever 21 jacket, Converse, vintage pearls, Urban Outfitters tights)

None of the human senses would be easy to live without, but if you didn't know any different, its possible to see without vision. For some people, music can be enough to create your own world. A world of darkness can easily be taken over by fantasy. A touch of skin is enough to imagine what those limbs are connected to. Smell has a powerful impact and a comfort that comes with each recognition. In a way, the blind are spared the harshness of this world..the empty world they live in gives them an opportunity to rebuild their own society. That's how I feel about the world of fashion. Fashion's only rules are meant to be broken. Fashion can be your own beautiful reality filled with judgement of your passions and personality. The concept of it is not based on the latest trend or the most expensive brand, but the feeling you get when your wearing something that's completely you. Its all about creating a world based on emotion and compassion, express yourself through your style. That's the raw beauty of it. Untainted. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Clouds without rain 

by Alise 

(H&M Cutoff butterfly dress, homemade tank, vintage belt, vintage ring, Old Navy legwarmers, Mizz Mooz boots, Paige's Cardigan from I don't know where *Sorry Paigeey*)

The sky has been misleading lately. Its begging to shred its tears. Thick, dark clouds cover my head for hours at a time, but never reach the breaking point. I look up, wondering when I will feel a drop on my nose, but the clouds won't speak to me. The weather is putting me at a slight loss, (Tights or no tights, bold or bare lips, fitted or lose?) Sometimes I simply cannot define the mood I'm in, which leads to mixed feelings when determining what to wear, because I'm not quite sure how to express myself through my style when I'm having this "feel nothing" feeling. I guess that could fly for "mysterious". So, I usually just resort to a mixture of weird prints that don't go together at all, and attempt to tone it down with neutrals. I find that repeating the same color, together, in your outfit can elongate that area of your body (black boots + black socks/leg warmers gives the illusion of longer legs, any two of the same colors will do the trick). Vintage accessories always polish off an outfit for me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The color black makes me feel like we know each other

by Alise

(Vintage dress, Urban Outfitters flannel, vintage belt, DSW combat boots)

There's nothing I admire more than amplifying a rough look with girly peices. Shredded tights too much? Add a dress with a feminine silhouette and a waist belt to give your body that "hourglass" shape. I like to keep accessroies to a minimum when I'm layering. A classic black beanie hints at the changing weather, but makes me feel effortless. It will instantly add a more casual vibe. For autumn and winter, bold lips are a must. I kept the eyes bare; I think eyes speak for themselves.