Monday, January 23, 2012

Uptown Cadet

by Alise

(Vintage blazer, H&M leggings and tunic, vintage belt, Steve Madden combat boots, Betsey Johnson watch) 

Who ever said you can't make military attire glamorous? I know it has been on trend now for over a year to wear military-inspired pieces and accessories, but this particular vintage blazer takes things to a new level. While gazing throughout a vintage boutique I spotted hot pink out of the corner of my eye, which immediately caught my full attention (anything pink does). It was love at first sight. I had never seen anything that was so "me". This preppy but edgy blazer is one of my most adored statement pieces. Pairing it with combat boots adds onto the military trend, although the pink piece does most of the talking. 


  1. Really lovely!-love all the bright colors!!

  2. Yes, I'm a sucker for lots of color :) Thanks so much! By the way, your blog is fabulous!